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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Christopher Walken stuff

A woman at one of the boards I visit changed her avatar to Will Ferrell playing the cowbell on that famous Saturday Night Live skit. She also changed her signature to "Guess what? I got a fever! And the only prescription... is more cowbell!" So, I had to go find the video of it since it had been so long since I saw it. I love it!

I also had to find one of my favorite Walken cameos, which was on The Simpsons. He was reading "Goodnight, Moon" to a bunch of kids and scared them. Hearing him read it is just hysterical. The funny part is I didn't realize until later that it wasn't even him, but Jay Mohr doing an impression of him. I think the impression was spot-on!

So, for your benefit and mine, here are the links. I apologize up front for some of the language on the "Goodnight, Moon" link page, but it's the only place I could find it.

Goodnight, Moon (scroll down a little to "Impersonations")
Cowbell (scroll down about halfway to "Watch the Cowbell Skit")


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