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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Gas prices

Well, I filled up my tank this evening and actually feel that I'm getting off lucky, at least for now. I've been hearing of many places south of me charging well over $3 a gallon and some with very long lines. I filled my car up for $2.84 a gallon from a few blocks down the street.

The funny thing is the discrepancy in prices. I drove about 2 miles from my house and also saw the following prices for regular: $3.20, $2.99, $2.74. I'd have stopped at the $2.74 station but it was on the main road and there were lines. I figured I broke even by spending $2.84 and not waiting in line.

Normally I'm bad about filling up my tank and let it almost get to empty before I fill up again. However, with the uncertainty about gas I think I will tend to stop more often and not let it get below 1/4 tank.

Fortunately, we have a decent public transportation system so I can take that if the gas prices get too high. I'm lucky, because many places don't have that luxury.


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