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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Oh well

I received a letter from the place where I had two interviews. You know what that means -- I didn't get it. I'm disappointed but I'm trying to look at it like I just wasn't meant for that job because there's a better one out there for me. I think what hurt me is 1) I don't have nonprofit experience, although when I worked for Presser we were prett darn close to nonprofit LOL; 2) I have a lot of design experience and they were probably worried that I'd miss the design end of things because I was managing more.

So, I'm stuck in the middle again -- too much experience for many jobs, not enough for the others. Basically, that means I get a job where my experience is welcomed and they love the fact that I can do even more than the previous marketing managers, but since I don't have a marketing degree like one of those previous marketing managers they don't feel I'm worth any money.

Oh well. I'm irritated/annoyed/depressed today, but I'll feel better in a day or two and in the meantime am looking again. I shouldn't have stopped looking, while waiting for this job to pan out, but I was really hoping I'd get it.


  • At 9:21 PM, Blogger Dianne said…

    Darn! Better luck next time. I know you just haven't found your niche yet, but you will. You are gaining more experience as you go!
    I remember trying for a job at the now defunct Encore Bookstore and didn't get it. They gave my future sister-in-law a job there and I had gone to college and she hadn't and I was a book person to boot!


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