Mindy Memories

Saturday, August 20, 2005

May get some stitching done tonight

I've been in a little stitching slump lately. I was doing great but since late last week I haven't done anything. Last weekend it was the heat and humidity, I know. I tend to sit with my legs bent and under a light when I stitch, and that extra heat and skin contact just isn't fun when the heat index is 105-110 and you don't have a/c. So, last weekend I pretty much just sat in front of the fan. The heatwave broke on Sunday night but I just haven't been into this week for some reason. I may or may not be babysitting tonight, depending on how Kylie feels, so if I don't maybe I'll get to it tonight. Lord knows I don't take my stitching over there anymore. I could do it when she was a baby and would sleep, but now she's about 21 months and there's no reason for me to have needles and scissors around. I wouldn't be able to stitch much while she's awake, anyway.

The project I'm working on is L&L's Guardian Angel and is for a friend of mine who had a baby a year ago. Oh well, better late than never. It's about half done, I think. She stitches up pretty quickly so I should be able to finish her soon.

I need to go over my goals for the month and see where I am, now that it's a bit past mid-month. One thing I know I finished is the bios at work. Granted, I'm going to have to keep on quite a few of them to get back to me about them because I asked questions to get more info, but I got the ball rolling and it's in their court now.