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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

This and that

Job Interview: I think the interview went very well. I don't want to say the name of the place yet, but it's a large community organization in the area that helps people gain employment: Welfare to Work programs, help for seniors, help for developmentally disabled adults, career placement testing, etc. I have to say their annual report is not only informative but absolutely beautiful. They feature people who have been helped the previous year by the organization and it's just a lovely presentation. The pay isn't as much as it would be in a corporate setting, but I expected that from a nonprofit. The benefits are great: paid medical and dental, higher than average paid holidays, 15 vacation days when you start, 403(b), etc. I interviewed with the hiring manager and the VP of Communications and PR and liked both very much and felt I presented myself well and had a very good rapport. It seems like a place where I'd like to work.

The only downside, and they have no idea LOL, is that I was sitting by a beautiful vase of lillies. I have recently discovered I have an allergy to lillies. I wasn't there too long and I didn't get headachy or anything so I didn't say anything. If I was going to be around them a long time I would have had to ask to move them, but considering I was only there a few minutes I didn't want to appear high maintenance. So, my one eye espeically was pretty goopy (ewwww!) yesterday and today they were a bit scratchy and red so the people at work probalby thought I went home early to party :) Well, I doubt it. I think they know me well enough to know I'm not a big partier.

So, I'm waiting and seeing...(I hope I get it!) I was a good interviewee and sent them both thank-you emails.


I'm still in a stitching slump, just not interested for some reason. I'm sure I'll get it back in a few days. I may stitch tonight in this lovely cooler weather, depending on if my eyes cooperate. I may just have to rest them for the rest of the day.

I wish I could believe that the weather would stay like this through the cripser days of fall, but I'm sure we have at least one more heat wave of sorts coming through before fall gets here. I can't wait for fall. I have decorations that are specific to seasons, but for the last year or so I really have only gotten the Christmas and Winter ones out for their times. I think when I was unemployed and only working part-time, and even up until pretty recently, I was going through a depression -- well, not a depression, because it wasn't that bad and I don't want to slight those who truly suffer from that disease. Let's say it was a low point. For a while I questioned my abilities and worth when I couldn't find work, then at my current job I tend to get mixed signals, although not as badly as a few months ago. Sometimes you just wonder if you think your work is better than it really is, and if you are some sort of early-30s loser. Just the fact that I got called for that interview and had what I felt was a good meeting has helped me tremendously -- that somebody looked at me "on paper" and that I looked like a capabale person.


Can't remember if I mentioned that my car is fixed, and I'm too lazy to go back and look :) Instead of paying $300 I paid my friend $90 for the part and am trading labor for babysitting hours. He's going to sand the roof of my car and put a sealant of sorts on it and work on a few other things for me, and they said I could pay them in babysitting because it's worth more to them than cash. Works for me :) I was supposed to babysit this past Saturday but it got canceled because Kylie had a cold again. We are wondering if it's a cold or allergies of some sort, because she seems to have this kind of thing more often than a lot of other kids.

Unfortunately, Tim's car is in the shop getting a $1500 transmission job done. Oy. If his brother had known this was a problem he never would have sold him that car. Yes, this is the car he just got to replace the Honda that lost the clutch less than a month ago. In the meantime, he's renting a car for $35 a day because he'd have to make 3 transfers on SEPTA to get from here to work. I can't imagine how much time that would take him.

I often wonder if he and I were meant to be car owners.


  • At 10:13 PM, Blogger Dianne said…

    You sound very optimistic about your job interview. I have an idea what org you are talking about. I think I worked at a daycare that was one of theirs. Anyway, good luck! Maybe the lilies were just a gift or something.
    Sorry about Tim's car. When it rains it pours. Now we have 3 cars to worry about.
    Sean is driving us to Ocean City, Md tomorrow in his car. Wish us luck! ;)


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