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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I can't stop talking (writing) this evening :)

I remember when my blog got goofy last time. I kept posting like normal and eventually it fell off the page, whatever it was. Maybe if I start chattering on my blog the same thing will happen. Hmmmm...

Anyway, I emailed my sister this morning. I'm going to write a letter to the manager here at the apartment documenting what is wrong with the apartment that's not getting fixed. I also have pictures to back me up. I think what's happening is that since I've been here over 7 years now, I don't pay nearly as much rent as someone moving in right now. So, I think they figure if they don't fix stuff I'll eventually move. Well, they're right, but I want to move eventually anyway, and whether or not things are fixed doesn't matter because I can't move until I can afford to move.

I believe someone came out today and FINALLY -- FINALLY -- put the stupid check valve on my kitchen sink. It pulled it's trick again over the weekend and as soon as the hallway carpet had dried it happened again while we were at work yesterday. I always get the same question when I call about it, "Do you have a plunger?" Whether or not I have a plunger isn't the point. The point is you need to do something about it. After all it's not my property. If you don't care if this apartment is basically rotting, that's your problem not mine -- if I have proper documentation, and I'm getting it.

So, that issue is out of the way, but here are the others (excuse me if I've listed them before):

1. The kitchen sink has backed up so many times (not from me but from the plumbing) that it's rotted a hole in the bottom of the kitchen wall at the baseboard area and that's why the water runs freely under the wall and into my hallway, since it's the low point of the apartment.

2. The ceiling in the bathroom is falling apart because of when the place upstairs was leaking into mine -- years ago. There's a 5-inch round chunk of plaster that is half off the ceiling.

3. Because this also happened several times before the problem was fixed, the water rotted part of the bottom of the door jamb and the door itself

4. Also in the bathroom we have the duct taped tub -- no lie. There was a problem a few months ago where the bathroom plumbing was acting up. The overflow area of the tub had to be taken off and when it was an inside rusty part broke off. So, now that overflow cover and the lever that opens and closes the drain is duct taped unto the tub. Needless to say I don't take baths anymore (I shower, don't worry LOL) because it's not very relaxing to have that ugly thing staring at me.

The manager knows about these things. I've called about them and pointed them out. However I guess since nothing was in writing they feel they don't have to do anything. Well, now I'm writing a letter and will have my sister, the attorney, look at it and help me. This is the first time I've given them anything in writing so I don't want to sound too threatening or anything, but they need to know something needs to be done. They've also been helpful when I was behind on rent after being laid off and then working part-time, so I don't want to bite them, either. It's a tough situation.


  • At 10:47 AM, Blogger Dianne said…

    I think your counters at the bottom of the page may be messing up your blog. I know Nancy J. had problems displaying one. You could take them off see what happens.
    Hey, Brian came in yesterday and showed me a piece of paper with your name on it! You had faxed it to the Oxford Tribune. Small world, isn't it?

  • At 4:29 PM, Blogger Mindy said…

    I'll check that. If I have to take off the counters, so be it.

    It took me a second to figure out what you were talking about that had my name on it. I'm guessing it was a press release I recently wrote that our PR firm sent to a bunch of local newspapers. MassMutual offers free life insurance for people who qualify and we're getting the word out and will be having a big event at the zoo to promote it in September. I'm the local contact, God help me LOL!

    You never know who's reading these things :)


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