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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Does it really matter in the grand scheme of things?

All this talk about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes is too much! I have been watching movies more than TV lately but it's hard to even get away from it then. Am I the only one around who really doesn't give a crap?

1. The age difference: who cares? Yes, he's quite a bit older than her, but she's 26 and a big girl even though she looks much younger. I guess this always hits me because when I was 27 I was dating a very nice gentleman who was 17 years older than me. We dated for about 9 months but realized it wasn't working. I looked much younger than I was and I'm sure people wondered, but it's frankly none of their business. Granted, this is purposely in the public eye, but who cares about age?

2. The "Is he gay? Is this just a stunt? factor: who cares? If they actually get married and stay that way for 50 years, good for them. If it doesn't work -- well, the same could be said for half the marriages in this country. Why do we think that celebrities getting divorced is such a huge deal when half this country does it? I'm not saying it's necessarily a GOOD thing that so many people get divorced, but it's not out of the ordinary.

3. The whole Scientology thing: who cares? I don't believe one word of that particular religion so anything he says goes in one ear and out the other. I think he was a jerk to Brooke Sheilds, but I see people being jerks to others EVERY DAY on the boards because a person does something against another's religion. Yes, I think he's a bit whacked on on this whole thing, but if she wants to play into it that's on her. She's 26 and an adult.

In the end, the only thing I really care about when it comes to Tom Cruise is if he acts well in the movies I pay to see him in. I've actually liked many of the movies he's been in these last few years. I'm probably going to get flayed, but I HATE TOP GUN! I never thought it was that great, nor he that cute. I loved him as Lestat in "Interview with the Vampire" and it was the first movie in which I thought he acted well. I guess he was good in "Rainman" but also overshadowed by Dustin Hoffman.

It's the same with Russell Crowe. I think he has an anger management problem that he needs to get under control. However, I don't pay to see him as HIM in movies, I pay to see him as other people and I think he does a wonderful job.

I mean, in the end, does it really matter to my life if Tom and Katie get married, get divorced, have kids, both end up being gay, etc.? No, it doesn't. Celebrities' lives really don't matter to me, except for when I can't escape hearing about it as "news" when the real news is hidden in the bottom of pages and peole are dying in a war that supposedly "ended" over a year ago.


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