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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Cleaned up my blog

I was up about an hour earlier than usual this morning. Instead of using the time to clean while it was cool, I decided I'd rather get that blog cleaning done. I've gotten rid of the links that no longer work, alphabetized my links to other blogs and added a bunch more links. I really should have a separate section for message boards and stitching resoureces, but one thing at a time :)

There are a few blogs I really liked that have disappeared and it's a bummer. One is Laura Leigh's blog. Laura, if you are reading this I hope you are doing well. I miss your friendly presence on the boards.

The other is the "I Lost Another Me" link. It was from a woman in NJ who had lost a major amount of weight and she's getting married soon. I really enjoyed her blog and one day it was just gone. Maybe she posted that she was moving it and I missed it. I hope things are OK with her. If anyone knows if that site was moved, could you let me know?

I need to go through my favorites and make sure all the blogs I've listed there are also on my sidebar. I think they are, but I don't want to leave out anyone. If you read my blog and for some reason I don't read yours or have it on my sidebar, please give me the link and I'll add it. Thanks!


  • At 7:16 AM, Anonymous Melanie said…

    I miss Laura too, Mindy :( Just wanted to say your WFS is looking great, btw. I got a bit done on mine at the weekend... she's still headless, but now fully armed, lol!

  • At 7:59 PM, Blogger Faith Ann said…

    There are several nice people who have stopped blogging, BB-visiting over the past year (Laura being one of them). It's too bad.


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