Mindy Memories

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Well, I'm bored. There's not much happening on the boards at the moment, I'm not quite in the mood for stitching and I'm trying to anything other than clean. Hey! I just cleaned the bathtub while I was in the shower! Isn't that enough for one night? :)

So, I figure I'll answer some more silly questions and talk to myself some more.

As a child...
1. Were you happy?
Relatively. I had ups and downs like any kid but I had lots of friends and was well-liked.
2. What was your favorite television program?
Tough one. Well, "Dukes of Hazzard" was one that we always watched, as well as "The Muppet Show." Hey, I was born in '71! What do you expect?
3. What was your favorite toy(if one)?If yes do you still have it?
Hmmm, did I have a favorite toy? I liked to read quite a bit and played outside on the swingset most of the time, or rolled down the hill. Yes, rolling down the hill was the height of entertainment. I guess when they came out I really liked the Atari.
4. How far back can you remember?
I'm not sure, but I remember my baby brother coming home from the hospital, and I wasn't quite four yet. I think I remember a time before that when my sister and I shared a bedroom and I was standing in my crib wanting to get picked up, but I may be making that up. It's very vague.
5. What are some of your favorite memories?
Sledding down my neighbor's hill after making Christmas cookies there, playing "Spy" with my brother on the farm, times when my sister and I were getting along and she let me play with her doll in the green dress with the pretty dark red hair that grew, sleepovers at my place or my friends' homes and laughing too loud too late and told to go to sleep, summer camp (got me out of farm duties for a week!), swimming at the lake almost every day in the summer, the 4th of July parades in my little hometown and the fireworks later.


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