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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Saturday question

What is your religion? Did you choose it? Have you ever thought of changing it? Why?
I'm a Christian, a Presbyterian to be exact. I didn't choose it, my parents did. However, I like it and I doubt I'd change, although I do enjoy learning about other religions (Islam, Buddhism, Wicca, etc.). I can't explain it, but being a Christian just seems "right" to me. I don't believe in hitting people over the head with it or trying to convert everybody I meet, which to some people means I'm not a Christian. Frankly, they can have their opinions, it really doesn't matter to me. I believe it's better to follow by example than to constantly harp on people about it. Not that I'm a great Christian -- I need a lot of work. Two people I know who lead by example are my grandmother and Tim's mom. They both are kind, generous and loving people who read their Bibles every day and probably know the Scripture better than many clergymen. However, they believe in leading by love and providing examples of how to live a Christian life, and don't quote verses at people all day, try to make them feel bad about everything in their lives, or be nasty to them in general.

It's a sad fact that today many people equate Christianity with such disrespectful behavior. I understand why that is happening, as I see it every day -- even between different sects within Christianity. Some think they are in the front of Heaven and that they are better than everybody else and it just gets under my skin how they put others down for not having the same beliefs.

I guess that's one thing I've always liked about being a Presbyterian. For the most part the denomination is more more liberal in general, at least in my experiences. (Oh no! I said the "L" word! Man, I'm gonna catch it now LOL!) One of my favorite things about it is at Communion we are always told that it's not a table of our church alone, nor just a Presbyterian table, but that any man who believes that Jesus died and was resurrected is welcome at that table. I like that it is not just for a select few.

I also believe in not treating people badly because they belong to a different Christian denomination or a different religion, for that matter. A person Jewish person cherishes her beliefs just as much as I cherish mine, so why would I go out of my way to try to convert her, make her feel uncomfortable or make her feel "less worthy" in any way? Sometimes people say things that aren't meant to hurt feelings, but other times very hurtful things are said on purpose, and I don't understand that.


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