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Friday, August 20, 2004

Friday's meme

I found a cool meme list and am just pulling off questions I like at random.

1. Which teacher has influenced you the most over the years? What did you learn from them? Have you ever gone back to them and met them?
Probably my AP American History teacher in 11th grade. It was the first time I took a history class where you learned more than just simple facts, dates and names. Instead, I was taught to look at the big picture and how everything relates to each other, which helped me automatically remember various dates and names. Because of that one class I went on to receive my BA in History. I saw Mr. Williams after my freshman year of college, but haven't been back to the school since. Sadly, I'd be surprised if he's still alive because he had very bad heart problems.

2. Are you or would you ever become a teacher?
I thought about it for many years, but when I got to college I realized I didn't want to deal with all the crap teachers had to deal with, and am so glad! I wanted to teach high school history, but I don't think I'd be able to put up with some of the kids, let alone some of the parents. I'm good at teaching my friends' kids stuff, though.

3. What makes someone a good or bad teacher?I think you MUST be very passionate about what you teach, whether it's English or math or history or science. That interest seems to spill over a bit into kids. You also have to make it interesting and something kids can relate to, especially when it comes to something perceived as boring, such as history. Relate it to something they can understand. A bad teacher is usually one who is just going for a paycheck (which is ironic) who really doesn't care about what the kids know. Sometimes a good teacher can become a bad one after years of the constant nonsense from kids, parents and the administration. It's definitely not an easy gig.

4. Teacher's pet or class clown? Did you ever drive a teacher bonkers... or get accused by your peers of being a goody two shoes?
Neither, really.


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