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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm still here

Holy crow! It's really been a long time since I've been here. I'm afraid I got addicted to FaceBook for a while, but I think I prefer to use my blog for my normal meanderings, God help you.

Well, I finally found my cord to connect my camera to the computer, so more pictures should be coming soon. I've also become a fixture at a new needlepoint shop (Rittenhouse Needlepoint) near work and have added needlepoint to my stash. I really enjoy it, and it's nice to have another type of project to work on, although I may need a room all to myself for all my stash.

Other than that, I suppose things are about the same. I had a great time visiting my sister in San Francisco over the holidays. It was tough coming back. While I was there, I went to her dentist. This was planned ahead of time. Long story short, I have a dentist phobia and she also did, but said this dentist is so good that it's not an issue. So, he ended up redoing two root canals because my previous dentist apparently didn't make the little poles long enough and that's why one of my crowns broke a while back (don't worry, that didn't hurt). He also pulled the tooth that had the broken crown, which I expected. Now I need to get an implant. Oy. At least it's far enough back that you can't see it. Even with the dentist episode added in, I had a great time out there. Heck the dentist had me on laughing gas so I wasn't really doing too badly there, either.

Things at work are starting to get busier -- more funding for one program, new program opening in Delaware, creating a better website for another, Annual Report coming up, etc. The fact that we are doing so well is absolutely fantastic and being busy in this economy is a very good thing.

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