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Friday, May 30, 2008

Stitching updated (photos coming soon)

I've put away my Tsunami Sampler for a while and have started working some more on my Joan Elliott Autumn Angel. I'll upload pictures of both this weekend. (I know, famous last words.) I'm pretty happy with how the Tsunami Sampler is coming, but will need to add a few more colors. After the fact, I realized that some of the floses I used are Six Strand Sweets, and when I went to order more I'm finding them impossible to order anywhere. Perhaps they aren't being made anymore. It's no biggie, as I had enough for one whole motif using the floss, but not enough for two, and each color belongs to two motifs in this chart. I'm pretty sure that, with all the overdyed floss out there, I can find some that matches it pretty well, well enough for a matching motif somewhere else on the design. I could choose a completely different color, but I think that sampler already has enough going on in it.

I should also update my sidebar. I'm so bad about housekeeping in general -- both in my home and on this blog, lol. I hope to get to it this weekend, maybe while I'm doing my laundry.


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