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Thursday, May 15, 2008


I'm wearing my cool sparkley blue heels today. I call them my Happy Hour Shoes, as I'm going to happy hour today and these shoes scream out "Party!"

Anyway, one of the ladies commented on how I always look so put together and stylish. I about hit the floor! I thanked her very much, of course, but it sounds so strange to hear people say that about me. I always used to think that style/fashion was only for people who looked a certain way or were a certain age, and I figured I missed both boats for a long time. Now I know that I can be fat and still be stylish, as being thin is not a prerequisite. I think some people assume it is, but -- well, you know what happens when you assume things. :)

So, just had to post that because it made my day. I'm so glad I found that Fatshionista website and some other websites and blogs that have helped me to appreciate myself more than I have in years.



  • At 11:36 AM, Blogger catmommy9 said…

    Good for you! There is NO reason why fat has to = frumpy. You've been buying some really nice clothes lately. As long as they suit your body type, you'll look great!

    Kudos to you for knowing that you don't have to be pencil-thin to look good!


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