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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

This and that

1. We're going to a Phillies game this afternoon, if it's not rained out. My organization bought tickets and $10 food vouchers for everyone who wanted to go, and there's 400 of us going. Should be fun. I don't care about the baseball game, but it's an excuse to wear jeans and hang out with people and get to know some of them better. Good deal all around!

2. I found out on the 123 board the other day that people are having problems with Pantene products. This is the first I've heard of it, but it may explain some things. Apparently, one of the problems is thinning/hair falling out. Well, in the last few years I've noticed this problem and on my crown my hair is thinner than it should be. I use Pantene off and on, but more often than other shampoos. I had my thyroid and iron checked a while back and they were fine, my blood sugar is fine (don't know if that would affect it, anyway), and I eat my fruits and veggies. So, I threw out all my Pantene products and am using something different. We'll see what happens.

I realize that some people love the stuff and have no problems, but this is probably like any other allergy -- some people are affected, others aren't. Then there are the self-proclaimed "experts" who claim it's a lie because "I haven't had any problems" but I say screw 'em. My hair, my problem. If I switch and nothing changes, I'll chalk it up to getting older, but jeesh! What's the harm in changing products if you think there may be a problem? Some people need to spend more time worrying about their own problems and their own families and maybe do something other than live on message boards all day.

Enough on that...

3. I had my pay-for-performance review earlier this week and it went very well. I either met or exceeded my specific goals I set for myself for the year and should see some sort of raise. Not sure yet how much, but anything helps. :) I had my annual review a few months ago, which is a review I get on the anniversary of my hire date and goes over my accomplishments and development, so I knew I was OK after that one. I thought I'd been doing a good job, but it always helps to hear it from your boss.

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