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Friday, June 10, 2005

Going to Hershey CATS, baby!

My friend Karri and I just reserved our room at the Hershey Fairview Motel. Cheap prices, indoor pool, not far from the Lodge, works for us! We'll probably end up renting a car because both or our cars are in rough shape, although I'm hoping by then to have a new-to-me car. We'll see.

It looks like quite a few people I know are going, so it should be fun. I had a really good time when I went last year. I wonder why so many people from around the country come to this one? Is it bigger, with more exhibits? Either that or the combination of stitching and chocolate is just too much for some :)

So, I plan on staying on the stash wagon until then so that I can have some fun at the market. I may be FORCED to buy some silk threads, Chatelaines, Northern Pine Designs, and more! I saw those Northern Pine Designs last year and thought they were great! They're more like needlepoint with lots of specialty stitches and metallics and are gorgeous!

Well, it's 9:12PM on Friday and Tim just went out to hang out with a friend. I may have to go to see that Star Wars movie again at 11:30. I really liked it and want to see it again, and I don't mind seeing movies by myself. We'll see though. Sometimes I get great ideas and then an hour later I'm tired and don't do it.


  • At 10:42 AM, Blogger Yany said…

    Have a lovely time in Hershey Mindy!! Hope you get a lot of new Stash, I'm sure you will!! LOL


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